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We are focusing on our customers’ future first

  • We strive for working with our customers to help them to reach their present and future objectives by providing the right solutions to their needs

We are embracing entrepreneurial thinking and the courage and curiosity to question

  • We continuously work to improve the performance of our products and services by setting challenging targets and making action plans that are followed up and evaluated
  • We encourage open communication

We are developing the talents of our people

  • We provide our employees with ongoing training and education

We believe in integrity and responsibility in our actions. Health/Occupational Safety, Safety/Security, Process Safety and Environment are key values for us

  • We continuously strive for improvement in the area of Health, Security, Safety and Environment
  • Within the framework of Product Stewardship we address Health, Safety, Security & Environmental aspects throughout all stages of a product´s life cycle
  • We work together to create a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and our contractors. Our focus is on prevention of accidents, incidents and relevant risks     
  • We encourage dialogue and report progress on our health, safety and environmental performance to our stakeholders
  • All employees are responsible for actively complying with the QHSE Policy and for ensuring that their own actions do not adversely affect the objectives