Redispersible Polymer Powders

Our wide range of different polymer powder products is based on monomers such as vinyl acetate, vinyl versatate, ethylene and acrylate technology.
These monomers are used in a first stage to produce a liquid dispersion via waterbased emulsion polymerization technology. In a second step, after further modification, the water-based dispersion is spray-dried to obtain a free-flowing redispersible polymer powder.
This redispersible polymer powder is then supplied mainly to the dry mortar industry where it is a key component in dry mix mortars. The concentration of redispersible polymer powder in drymix mortars can range from 0.30 to 40% depending on the application and final property requirements.
The rapid growth of today’s construction technology and building materials industry requires the continuous development of high-performance mortars and redispersible polymer powders to meet the highest requirements in terms of workability, final properties and emission limits.

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